About Us

It begins with the mission of Staffing Connections. To personally Connect Employers with Employees and Employees with Employers…. We serve two completely different clientele by becoming involved in the daily workings of their businesses and lives in order to help each be successful in their endeavors. For our business partners we ensure the skill set needs are met, but more importantly, the cultural fit is a match. For the employee, we assure the individual has the job and a work schedule that meets the needs of him/her and the family they support. These basic ideals make for long time employment and higher quality production. Our goal is for long-term employment through satisfied client and employee’s relationships through a higher quality, longer lasting workforce.

In 2022, the company became an affiliate with The Reserves Network. Just as Staffing Connections has become a trusted expert for providing staffing solutions, The Reserves Network is an industry-leading provider of office, industrial, professional, and technical staffing services in multiple regions nationwide.

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