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Why Choose A Temp Agency

Sometimes temp agencies are seen as second rate places to look for a job, almost like overall they have a bad reputation. This shouldn’t be the case. If you are looking for jobs in Columbus, Georgia, then you should be looking first at the temp agencies like Staffing Connections—because that is where you will find the Columbus, Georgia jobs.

When looking for jobs, many people don’t know exactly what they are looking for. They say things like “I want something interesting” or “something where I can move-up in” or “I want a real job.” And when asked how they plan on getting said job, most will turn their nose up at the idea of registering with a staffing company—and yet, temp agencies are the ones hiring for jobs in the Columbus, Georgia area.

Job seeker’s ideas that temp agencies are lesser or unhelpful ways to get jobs is incorrect and simply not true. Temp agencies offer registered job-seekers the ability to have access to companies that are job hiring for temporary positions (one day to six-months) or full-time positions. Many US companies regularly use staffing companies to gain new or seasonal employees. This helps the companies because the temp agencies do all the work for them: screening, interviewing, testing, and hiring. It is an excellent relationship that provides companies with ongoing hiring when the people are available.

Let’s take a look at a few misconceptions about temp agencies—and why they just aren’t true.

  1. I want a real job. Good! Temp agencies offer real jobs. Professional, popular, and well-known named companies regularly use temp agencies to assist with their hiring. This is how they hire people. If you want to work for Amazon, Microsoft, or Starbucks, you might just get the job working through a staffing agency. These companies have a yearly set amount of revenue set aside to hire people when needed or on a seasonal basis through temp agencies.
  2. I am not entry-level. Years ago, when staffing companies were newer and not used regularly by companies as they are today, temp agencies did usually only worked with people who were entry-level experience. This is just not the case anymore. Because of the aforementioned relationships between staffing agencies and companies, temp agencies work with all job-seekers to match them with available jobs fitting their experience, skills, and interests.
  3. I actually want to make money. The idea that temp agencies only offer low-paying jobs is just plain false. This idea comes, perhaps, from the earlier staffing agencies from 20 years ago who did not work consistently with companies. Because staffing agencies have strict and detailed testing, back-grounding, and skill discovering for each candidate—they will help you enter a position fit to your personal experience. Yes, they only have the jobs given them by the companies—but go look at a listing from a staffing company and you will see jobs ranging from entry level to CEO.
  4. Temp jobs are only for temporary positions. Again, not so. The reason temp agencies keep their name as “temp agencies” is because upon original hire—you are hired by the temp agency (with most agencies). Once the trial period is over with the company you have chosen to work for, then they hire you from the temp agency—thus your job with the temp agency is temporary, and this is a very good thing.
  5. I need benefits. These vary. Depending on the temp agency you hire with, they will provide regular benefits to you as their employee. This is something for you to research as you look to hire on with a staffing company.

As you can see, a temp agency or staffing company like Staffing Connections in Columbus, Georgia is an excellent way to get into the job market—don’t let the reputations of past agencies keep you from one of the best job markets available.

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